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 reference form

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PostSubject: reference form   Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:26 am

Good day!

I am applying for Euroaquae and I want to process my application correctly so I would like to ask some clarifications regarding the open reference at the last portion of the application form.

1. Is it mandatory to send by post/mail the referee's form to the address stated? or it is just alright if the referee's form be sent to the coordinator through E-MAIL only?

2. If it is indeed mandatory to send the reference form by post/mail, am I allowed to just insert it or include it (sealed in separate envelopes) in my application documents? So that I will send all at once.

The main reason why I am asking those questions is because I am from the Philippines, and the cost for sending documents to France is quite expensive. If I am going to send my application documents and the reference forms (I understand I should be the one to cover the cost for my referees to send the form) separately, it would cost me a lot, so I'm trying to cut down the cost.

Hope to hear comments from your knowledge and experience, guys.

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PostSubject: Re: reference form   Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:46 am


Thank you for your post.

When I was applying for EuroAquae in good old 2005, I was told that it is enough to ask the people providing their references into a sealed envelope and then insert it into the same package/envelope as the rest of the application.

Your referees can write their names on the smaller envelopes, the one to be inserted in the main envelope, and also sign at the places where the sides of these envelopes are connected together making sure that the smaller envelope reaches members of the EuroAquae consortium in the same state as when they were closing it.

This is how it has worked for me four years ago. For more updated information it makes sense to try to contact Philippe Gourbesville by phone: http://www.euroaquae.org/jahia/Jahia/site/euroaquae/lang/en/pid/5175

In 2005 I was told to do what I have done with my references by Prof Gourbesville or his assistant.

I hope this answer helps.

Please post more questions and we will try to do our best to respond to these.


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reference form
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