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 The third semester interview

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PostSubject: The third semester interview   Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:50 am

Guys, these are the latest news from our G3:

"Vedrana adviced to some of us that this is not that important and we shouldnt really pay to much attention, she said it is important, but if they dont like your arguments, it doesnt mean anything, but she said that this EA board sometimes is very rude is you mention worda such as "PhD" or "research".

So, it seems we just can say where we want to go, and they will decide after the interview, some places are in big demand. This year many people wants to go to Budapest and Barcelona. Some others want to go to Nice, but there a feeling that places there are already assigned. Our choise it not most of the time a matter of professional interest. Many people think that going to Nice and staying close to Philippe, will make easier for them to get an internship. Some others may prefer Budapest, but will choose something else inside the schengen area to avoid visa problems once and again.

Another thing is that some of us seem very nervous, trying to prepare the "right" answers for the EA board, in order to go the place of our choice."

Don't you recall something similar, G2 and G1?
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The third semester interview
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