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 EuroAquae class of 2012-2014 (Gen 9)

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PostSubject: EuroAquae class of 2012-2014 (Gen 9)   Wed May 23, 2012 7:48 am

Hello everyone,

My name is Sheila Ball, and I've been accepted to study in the EuroAquae program, starting in Barcelona in September 2012. I am from Ottawa, Canada, and I am interested in getting in touch with students who are starting in the fall as well as former and current students.

I have a question for those of you who have studied in Barcelona: where did you live, and how did you find your accommodation? I am looking up residences on the university's website, and don't know what other sites I should trust to find housing for the fall.

And for other students in my year, when do you plan on arriving in your host cities? Right before orientation starts or a few days/weeks beforehand?

Looking forward to meeting you all Smile

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PostSubject: Generation 9 - About accommodation in Barcelona   Mon May 28, 2012 4:49 am

Hi Sheila, my name is Rodolfo Alvarado. First of all congratulations for been accepted to the Program! Iīm sure you will enjoy your time doing Euroaquae.

I am from generation 7 and I almost finishing my fourth semester, that is currently working on my master thesis. I did my first semester in Barcelona and here is what I can tell you about it:

- the university doesnīt have residences but there are plenty of options in the city. I was using an agency, it was more expensive but at the moment a bit more convenient. The webpage of this agency is: www.enjoybcn.com. You can also look for a shared flat at: http://www.easypiso.com/ or http://www.loquo.com/en_us

- you can usually trust the agencies although of course shouldnīt pay anything without a proper contract. They will probably ask you for a two or three-month deposit. It is more expensive to hire through an agency but it makes things easier when you donīt know much about the city. Nevertheless several classmates of mine didnīt use agencies and had no problems.

- I would suggest you to book a hostel for first days (www.hostelworld.com) and make several appointments before you arrive so that you can personally visit the flats and see whether you like them or not. You can do this for both, the agencies or directly with landlords / tenants.

- I was living in Guinardó, which is a neighbourhood far from the university but still in the city center. It would usually take me around 45 minutes to go to the uni but I didnīt mind. Public transport is excellent and around 0.70 euros per journey if I donīt remember wrong. When I did my semester people were spread all over the city, some in Passeig de Gracia, some close to the Uni, others over Diagonal, and so on. The more dynamic neighbourhoods are Gothic, Rambla and Gracia.

I hope you find my comments useful and wish you a great time in Barcelona! Feel free to ask more questions if you need. Cheers,

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Registration date : 2012-05-23

PostSubject: Re: EuroAquae class of 2012-2014 (Gen 9)   Mon May 28, 2012 6:45 am

Hi Rodolfo,

Congratulations on almost being finished the EuroAquae program, and thank you so much for your advice! It is definitely tricky to know where is a good place to live just based on looking at a map, so I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind. I had already seen loquo.com but hadn't heard of easypiso, so I'll take a look there as well. I was hoping to find a place to live before leaving Canada, but perhaps booking a hostel and visiting a few to see which ones I like best is a better idea.

Thank you so much for your help, and good luck with your last few months of school!

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PostSubject: Re: EuroAquae class of 2012-2014 (Gen 9)   

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EuroAquae class of 2012-2014 (Gen 9)
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