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 Simple rules in communication within EAAA

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PostSubject: Simple rules in communication within EAAA   Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:16 am

Dear all,
As now there are a lot of people kindly helping to keep EAAA activities running, we should be very organised and well coordinated. Can I ask you to follow three simple rules which will help us:

1. First of all and please, use EAAA forum for the exchange of information if you do so, other people can contribute and bring new ideas.
2. Please, copy all the relevant emails you exchange with, to me (bozhko_ann@yahoo.com). In such case there will be at least one person aware of all ongoing activities and I will try my best to update and coordinate all the information with you.
3. In case you want to send an email to the group of students (e.g. the whole generation) or members of EuroAquae Consortium (on behalf of EAAA), can I ask you to send this email first to me and after my "yes" - to all recipients. This will help us to avoid sending redundant emails and to be more efficient in our work.

I am checking my email box each evening and try to answer emails as soon as I get them. So, usually you will not need to wait more than one day.

Thank you very much for the collaboration.
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Simple rules in communication within EAAA
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