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PostSubject: Updates   Mon May 14, 2007 2:05 pm

14 may 2007
I hope you all are doing well. Just a few updates on your collegues by EAAA:

- Keiko called me recently and she is going to work a bit on EAAA budget, as well she would like to join us for the next CB meeting.

- Natalia is fine in Moscow, has done great job on updating of alumni info.

- Balaji does regular updates on our web-page, he attended IIT Delhi alumni conference in Paris last week and will go to India 25th of May for two weeks (?). He also was alumni representative for the meeting with G3 students in Newcastle - thanks a lot for spending your time for EAAA promotion.

- Jean-Michel comntributing for all meetings with useful information but in general he works too much at Halcrow so I am even afraid to ask him something for EAAA cyclops

-I will be modest and just tell you that I try to manage other people working Wink

Seriously, there are number of high priority things we need to do for EAAA (in the order of priority):

Exclamation Elections of the next CB: we need to held a meeting and I would like everybody of us to participate because it is very important. A lot of questions should be solved. Please, specify the date you can attend (personally or through SKYPE) in the "Monthly meeting" section of this forum

Exclamation Mentorship scheme: we discussed during the Swindon meeting one month ago. I have prepared intro, that soon will be sent to everybody for commenting

Exclamation Job/research opportunities publishing: some info is already published (HR Wallingford) but we urgently need to launch a regular search and publishing procedure. Nothing difficult, just require some time and responsible person.
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