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 New EAAA Coordination Board

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PostSubject: New EAAA Coordination Board   Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:17 pm

Dear all,

I believe students have been wondering why there was no news after the new CB has taking over the responsibilities. Hereby, I would like to give a little up-to-date information and I apologize on the delay.

First of all, we would like to thank the voters of new EAAA Coordination Board for taking the time and effort and we are very proud of the voter turnout we had now. Here, every student wants to see EAAA thrive in the future, reflecting the flavor and traditions which attracted a lot of us here to begin with. We as the coordinators will be putting effort to sustain the EAAA, of course together with the supports of every member.

The first EAAA meeting was thrown last week among the members of new CB, there is a clear distribution of responsibilities between members and the information will be briefly listed in the coming newsletter once the minutes and the record are complied.

Several issues will be posted in the forum, especially some issues that have been raised in the 9th Curriculum and Management Board Meeting as well as the The Third Erasmus Mundus Student Seminar and First EMA General Assembly that were held in Brussels on October 11th and 12th.. A proper document will be distributed to the students and most of the questions can be discussed here as this is the purposes of having EAAA Forum. Kindly go through the topics and voice out your opinion if necessary.

If you have any questions or suggestions on what should be improved. Please feel free to do so.
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PostSubject: Re: New EAAA Coordination Board   Sat Nov 17, 2007 6:32 pm

Just some random thoughts

1) Market the EAAA to current students and alumnus. Keep the newsletter going. Update on current affairs in EA but more importantly what is going on in the industry! Which company has come up with a new version of software, which company has won a bid in what project etc. You can even highlight news or floods and what not in the world. Make EAAA connected with the water industry! There are so many people working in the water business, it can start just from getting some small updates from these people.

2) Welcome message to all EA members. Just stress about what EAAA is all about. I have an example from my old university. the link is https://www.alumni.nus.edu.sg/alumNET/aboutOAR/article.jsp?id=oar
But i'll cut and paste the president's message.

A warm welcome to the AlumNET, your alumni website. I am delighted to invite you to explore the AlumNET where you will discover a virtual world of intellectual discourse and creative vibrancy.

As one of our alumni, you belong to a community of over 177,000 alumni in Singapore and around the world. Keeping in touch with your fellow alumni can enrich your lives both personally and professionally. That is why the AlumNET can offer you ways to keep in touch - not only with the University but also with each other.

In this era of increased mobility, it is common to find the typical NUS alumni residing in different corners of the world. With the AlumNET, our alumni diaspora can be instantly updated with the latest campus news and events and with other alumni activities worldwide. The development of a closely knitted NUS fraternity between past, present and future is a bond that the AlumNET is striving to kindle and nurture.

The AlumNET was recently revamped to create an active and vibrant e-community. In addition to a contemporary and user-friendly facade, it now offers many exciting and improved features such as the provision of a lifelong email address, chat rooms, e-groups and business card directory. Using the email forwarding address, alumni can easily maintain contact with friends, family, business associates and fellow alumni and never need to notify them of any change in their email address. The numerous chat rooms and e-groups means that one could transcend boundaries and time zones in engaging with like-minded friends and associates effortlessly. The business card directory is a useful online tool that allows alumni to network with each other in a professional capacity.

Without our alumni, a university will be just a collage of buildings without soul and form. By the same token, an active online community will render the AlumNET a pulsating place for networking and enable us to create Local Connections and Global Networks

The AlumNET is all about being Connected - to one another and to NUS. So we will be delighted to hear from you!

Warm Regards,
Associate Professor Teo Choo Soo

3) Actually check out the NUS aluminet for ideas. They are a very established alumus network and it can just be the path that we want to build EAAA to.
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New EAAA Coordination Board
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