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 The Experience of attending EA Board Meeting (19th Oct 2007)

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PostSubject: The Experience of attending EA Board Meeting (19th Oct 2007)   Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:32 am

Exclamation Dear all the people belong to Euro Aquae Exclamation

My name is Takayuki Sugimoto (Takii), 3rd Generation of EuroAquae studying in Cottbus now. I attended to the Curriculum and Management Board Meeting (Board Meeting) with Chuah Yew Pin (Stanley) who is the member of EAAA coordination board.

Confrimed infromation will be released lator,but I want to give My Personal Impression after the meeting.

The meeting was tough, difficult issues, everyone is serious, so there is some pressure on us pale . But, basically the Member of the Board are gentle and try to listen the voice from students Smile .

Prof Phillipe was working hard as a chairman, organizing the discussion and trying to manage the issues concerned with Euro Aquae.

I attended the meeting as student. There seems different awareness of problem between students and member of Board.

Some problems are coming from combing 5 different universities in different countries in one joint master program.

For example, they were talking about the accreditation, how the Euro Aquae Programm will be recognized by other authorities.
Administrative process should be fulfilled and the quality of the lectures should be examined to get the certain accreditation. But, even the officer in the government never experienced such situation to check the quality of all the lectures in universities in 5 different countries. Then accreditation process suspends.

Such kinds of troubles still not have been solved, so teachers were busy to exchange opinions and looking for solutions. So that, there was not enough time and chances to put all the questions on the table during the meeting.

Sometimes they ask the opinion of the students, but I am not well aware the problems in different generations and different location.
We need to know when the Board Meeting will be held and need to well organize, focus the topic in order to retrieve helpful response.

Now, I feel I understood the problem more; the problem of communication between Coordinators and EAAA member, EAAA member and all the other students.

They expect studentís active involvement and feed back to the Euro Aquae. For example, they want more active usage of Euro Aquae website and active discussion on EAAA website.
Prof Phillipe explained if there is more information on EuroAquae website, more chances that the company can recruit the student from there.

My conclusion is that the communication between coordinators and students is important. So, students also should be active to concern with the Action of the EA and EAAA Board. lol! EAAA have to be active transfer the information between the Board and all the students.

Thank you very much for the paying attention to my message. I simply hope this will help all the Euro Aquae people flower .

Takayuki Sugimoto
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PostSubject: Re: The Experience of attending EA Board Meeting (19th Oct 2007)   Sat Oct 27, 2007 2:15 pm

Thank you Takii for putting your information here.

I would like also to emphasize importance of being actively involved in EA matters, which are students and alumni own matters.
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The Experience of attending EA Board Meeting (19th Oct 2007)
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